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Desirable – is supposedly one of the first pecan cultivars developed from a controlled cross. The cross was made in the early 1900's by Carl F. Forkert from Ocean Springs, Jackson County, Miss. The parentage is unknown but may be 'Success' x 'Jewett'. 'Desirable' was introduced about 1915 but was not widely disseminated prior to Forkert's death in 1928. This cultivar would probably have been lost if scions had not been sent to the U.S. Pecan Field Station, Philema, GA in 1925. It was introduced commercially in 1945 and was widely planted by the early 1960's. As of 1992, 'Desirable' was the number one cultivar planted in new orchards. It has been used in pecan breeding and two cultivars, 'Houma' and probably 'Kiowa', have been released with 'Desirable' parentage (Sparks, 1992).