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Kiowa – Developed from a cross of 'Mahan' x 'Odom' in Brownwood, Tx. in 1953. However, isozyme and DNA analysis rule 'Odom' out as the pollen parent and indicate the cross to more likely be 'Mahan' x 'Desirable'. 'Kiowa' is a precocious cultivar with high average kernel yield in years 1-10. Kernel yield as a mature tree was average in years 11-20. Like most precocious cultivars, 'Kiowa' tends to bear alternately as a mature tree.

'Kiowa' produces a very large, high-quality nut. Quality in most years was good and averaged 52 percent kernel over all years in the test. However, in years with a high crop load, quality will suffer. For example, in years 15 and 19, the two highest yielding years, percent kernel dropped to 48% and 47% respectively. Kernel color is slightly dark, and not as light and attractive as 'Desirable'. Average harvest date was on October 21, about 3-4 days after 'Stuart'. Scab resistance in 'Kiowa' is variable, with some locations reporting very good resistance, and other locations reporting susceptibility similar to 'Desirable'.